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Macau Urban Renewal Limited (MUR) is a company formed by the Macau SAR Government, the Macau Industrial and Commercial Development Fund and the Science and Technology Development Fund.

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The local area plan for Iao Hon Estate has been preliminarily completed. Macau Urban Renewal Limited sincerely calls for property owners of Iao Hon Estate to discuss redevelopment by making an appointment on +853 2888 2263.

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MUR assists Son Lei House property owners to set up management committee
MUR is promoting the Iao Hon Estate old neighbourhood renewal project. To address the estate’s property owners’ need for assistance, the company is helping condominium owners from the estate’s seven blocks of flats hold general assembly meetings and set up management committees.
Temporary housing project exhibition reopens today
Areia Preta’s Lot P temporary housing project exhibition reopens to the public today (2 August).
MUR takes traffic incident near MNN site seriously, provides aftermath support
A traffic incident happened yesterday (18 July) on Xiangshun Road near Lot 1 of the Macau New Neighbourhood (MNN) project construction site in Hengqin.

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