About MUR


Macau Urban Renewal Limited (MUR) is a company formed by the Macau SAR Government, the Macau Industrial and Commercial Development Fund and the Science and Technology Development Fund.


MUR is an executing entity responsible for urban renewal in Macau, and the company’s scope of work is described as follows:


  1. Improving the quality of life and the living environment in Macau SAR, as well as promoting economic, social and tourism development. The field of work comprises:

    1. Coordinating and promoting all activities related to urban renewal, particularly defining public spaces, infrastructure, collective facilities and buildings within the planning zone for revitalisation and redevelopment works;

    2. Promoting the prevention of deterioration and the worsening conditions of the hygiene, aesthetics and safety of existing buildings;

    3. Promoting the development of innovative urban functions of regenerated space.

  2. The company can initiate other industrial and commercial projects or provide relevant services in relation to urban renewal, and introduce projects outside of the Macau SAR that contributes to improving the quality of life and living environment of Macau residents, but which requires a board meeting for deliberation and approval.


  3. The company can establish a cooperation agreement with public or private entities to carry out the company’s scope of work, and also make capital contributions to other companies, consortia or other types of business combinations.

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