Macau New Neighbourhood


Master plan of the Development of the Guangdong-Macau In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin: 

expedite the development of the Macau New Neighbourhood, and dock with Macau’s education, medical and healthcare, social services, as well as the social security system to effectively enhance the quality of Macau people’s living space.

Eligibility for Flat Purchase: 

  • Holders of Macau SAR Permanent Resident Identity Card or Macau SAR Non-permanent Resident Identity Card, aged 18 or above;

  • Do not own any residential properties or own no more than one residential property in Macau;

  • Do not own any residential properties in Zhuhai

Priority Scheme for Flat Purchase:

Priority will be given to Macau residents working, studying or living in the nine cities in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA) who are holders of Residence Permits for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Residents.

Resale Restrictions: 

Property ownership certificate can only be transferred to Macau residents who meet the above-mentioned requirements after five years from the date the property is purchased.

Project Location:

Macau New Neighbourhood is located on the east side of Zhongxin Avenue, south side of Xiaohengqin Mountain, west side of Tianyu Road and north side of Gang’ao Avenue.

Land Area:

About 190,000 sqm (about 2.05 million square feet)

Total Gross Floor Area:

About 620,000 sqm (about 6.67 million square feet)

Project Sites:

  • Sites 1 and 2 are for residential and commercial use

  • Site 3 is for educational facilities

  • Sites 4, 5 and 6 are for parks and fields 

  • Site 7 is a public road

Residential Towers:

There will be 27 residential towers, with heights ranging from 19 to 26 storeys.

Residential Units:

There will be more than 4,000 residential units, and about 200 talent housing units (for rent only).

Types of Residential Units:

  • Two-bedroom units (T2):

accounting for 80 percent of all units. Each unit has a gross floor area of about 90 square metres (equivalent to about 968 square feet)

  • Three-bedroom units (T3):

accounting for 20 percent of all units. Each unit has a gross floor area ranging from 100 to 120 square metres (equivalent to about 1,076 to 1,291 square feet)

*All are fitted-out residential units

Parking Space:

Around 4,000 parking spaces for light vehicles.

Auxiliary Facilities:

Shops, a kindergarten, a primary school, a health care centre, a seniors' service centre, as well as a family service centre.

Methods of Sale: Not yet for sale. Details on the sales procedures for the residential units will be announced soon.

Construction progress: Works are well under way, with piling to be finished in 2021. Works for basement, main buildings, residential units fitting-out, roads and greening facilities will take place in 2022.


Completion of construction

2021 - 2023

Construction period






  • MUR buys land use rights from the Zhuhai Municipal Government for the MNN project

  • MUR and the Bank of China Macau Branch sign financing agreement

  • MUR and Natural Resources Bureau of the Zhuhai Municipal Government sign agreement for the transfer use of the land lot


Third Quarter:

Completion of pre-drilling works for soil investigation 

Fourth Quarter:

Construction of the project is in full swing

Completion of works to ground level at MNN expected by mid-year

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