Positive response on first day of sale of Macau New Neighbourhood Over 500 applications as of 3 p.m.

Release time:2023/11/28
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The sale of residential units at Macau New Neighbourhood (MNN) began on 28 November at 9 a.m. met with great enthusiasm, attracting people queuing up in an orderly manner. As of 3 p.m., over 500 applications were received at the sales centres and through online application on the first day of application.

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People queuing up outside the sales centre, the response for the sale is met with great enthusiasm.

Procedure optimisation

Applications for MNN began at 9 a.m. on 28 November, people queued up at the sales centre in Hengqin before sales began, hoping to purchase a suitable home in Hengqin. The application process was carried out in an orderly manner in the sales centre. Macau Urban Renewal Limited (MUR) will take in the experience from the first day to continue to improve the procedures and thank Macau residents for their patience and tolerance.

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People queuing up outside the sales centre in an orderly manner.

To shorten and simplify the sales procedure, applicants can now simply fill in the application form and have the 100,000 yuan initial deposit as well as all the necessary documents ready and submit them to the sales centre in Hengqin where they can also choose the residential unit they want to purchase.


The sales centre in Hengqin is located in Xiangshun Lu No. 388, Tower 4, Clubhouse Level 1, and the office hour is from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Before making a purchase, people are welcomed to visit MNN in Hengqin to learn about nearby amenities and the surrounding area first and then choose the flat they would like to buy.

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Applicants go through the sales procedure inside the sales centre in a vibrant atmosphere.

For more information about the applications for MNN, please visit MNN thematic website https://mur.com.mo/mnnproperty or email mnn_property@mur.com.mo or call (853) 2888 2235.

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Scan here for MNN application system

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