MUR fully promotes temporary housing project, supports Iao Hon redevelopment

Release time:2022/11/21
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MUR helps property owners of Iao Hon Estate’s Seng I House set up management committee.


Excavation and lateral support works are being carried out at the temporary housing project on Lot P.

The Macau Urban Renewal Limited (MUR) is pushing forward the Iao Hon Estate old neighbourhood renewal project, where MUR is helping condominium owners set up management committees and reach an agreement on the redevelopment plan.

In 2020, MUR carried out a research study on Iao Hon Estate, including face-to-face household interviews with property owners, to serve as a database for the promotion of urban renewal. Last year, the company has been meeting with property owners to discuss redevelopment. The local area plan for Iao Hon Estate adopts “stock optimisation” approach, where redevelopment will take place under the notion of not increasing resident population density or household numbers. Under the plan, there will be footbridges to connect the malls between the buildings and pedestrian streets to improve the area’s business environment, while roadways and footpaths will be separated, as well as the addition of green space to create a liveable environment.

In addition, in response to property owners’ need for assistance, MUR has recently helped Son Lei House, one of the seven blocks forming Iao Hon Estate, set up management committees (also known as property owners’ associations), where property owners deliberated and passed a resolution to authorise the management committee to open a bank account for a sinking fund. At the same time, the company also helped Son Lei House property owners apply for the “Issuing the Urban Conditional Plan (PCU) for the area without detail planning”, as a way to push forward redevelopment. Since October this year, MUR has been helping Seng I House property owners set up management committees, in an effort to unite homeowners and encourage them to play an active role in the redevelopment process, promote close communication with property owners and actively discuss the direction and details of redevelopment.

To prepare for Iao Hon Estate’s redevelopment, MUR is building temporary housing units on Lot P in Areia Preta which will serve as temporary accommodation for property owners when their properties are being redeveloped as part of the urban renewal process.

Since its establishment, MUR stays true to its mission, which is to promote urban renewal in Macau with pragmatism, improve residents’ living environment, support the SAR Government’s policy objectives, as well as encourage and support local construction companies and workers to participate in the construction projects. Lot P temporary housing project is divided into three tenders, with construction works awarded to Coneer Engineering Limited-China Road and Bridge Corporation-Top Design Consultants Company Limited (joint venture), Ming Shun Construction and Property Investment Limited-Tat Cheong Engineering & Construction Company Limited, and Cheong Kong Construction Company Limited-J&T Construction Company Limited. MUR has also specified in tendering documents that contractors give local workers first priority to recruitment to support local workers’ employment.

The temporary housing project on Lot P went into full swing in 2021. At present, the construction of the pile foundation has been completed, with excavation and lateral support (ELS) works currently being carried out, where structural works have begun in the podium areas. Upon completion, it will provide about 2,800 temporary housing units, comprising studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom flats, as temporary accommodation for property owners during the period when their properties are being redeveloped.

Urban renewal and old neighbourhood redevelopment require staunch support from different sectors of the community to forge a consensus, and through our combined effort, we can improve the living environment and create a liveable city.


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