Macau New Neighbourhood superstructure works begin

Release time:2022/08/18
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MNN superstructure works begin (View from Gang'ao Avenue and Tianyu Road)

MNN superstructure works begin (View from Xiaohengqin Mountain)

The basement construction of the Macau New Neighbourhood (MNN) project in Hengqin has been completed in the middle of this year and superstructure works of the buildings have begun, as pre-fabricated components are being installed. The residential and school buildings’ structures are expected to reach topping-out before the end of the year, creating a new space for Macau residents to live and work.


The construction of the typical floors of more than 20 buildings is currently taking place at the site. Three components of the residential units are eco-friendly built using the pre-fabrication practice, which are prefabricated façade panels, prefabricated staircases and prefabricated autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC) panels. In addition, auxiliary facilities such as the kindergarten, the primary school, the health station, the seniors’ service centre, the family service centre and about 5,000 square metres of commercial space (roughly 60 shop units) will all be built concurrently.


The project is progressing according to plan, where 27 residential towers and school buildings are expected to reach topping-out in December, and works on the fitting-out, roads and greening facilities would gradually begin. The MNN project is expected to be completed in the second half of 2023, creating a quality living and working environment that is similar to Macau in order to facilitate Macau residents to study, work, start businesses and live in the Guangdong-Macau In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin.


Meanwhile, MUR and relevant entities are studying to formulate the eligibility criteria for MNN and the sales procedures. It is expected that the roughly 4,000 residential units would be launched for sale next year.

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