MUR assists Son Lei House property owners to set up management committee

Release time:2022/08/08
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MUR assists Son Lei House property owners to register personal information before attending the general assembly meeting.


MUR assists Son Lei House property owners to set up a management committee.

Macau Urban Renewal Limited (MUR) is promoting the Iao Hon Estate old neighbourhood renewal project. To address the estate’s property owners’ need for assistance, the company is helping condominium owners from the estate’s seven blocks of flats hold general assembly meetings and set up management committees (also known as property owners’ associations) with the aim of uniting homeowners and encouraging them to play an active role in the estate’s redevelopment process.


Son Lei House is one of the seven blocks of flats that make up Iao Hon Estate. MUR helped Son Lei House’s property owners organise a general assembly meeting at the General Union of Neighbourhood Associations of Macau’s (UGAMM) Iao Hon Community Centre earlier in June, for the redevelopment plan to gradually move forward.


During the meeting, property owners deliberated and passed a resolution to elect a general committee and a chairperson from the general assembly of condominium owners to conduct the meeting and prepare the minutes of the meeting; deliberated and passed a resolution on the name of the condominium management committee and to elect the management committee’s members; deliberated and passed a resolution to authorise the management committee to open a bank account for a sinking fund.


Moreover, MUR will be assisting property owners of the other six blocks of flats of Iao Hon Estate to form property owners’ associations, all the while maintaining good communication with them to facilitate discussion on the direction and details of the redevelopment plan.

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