MUR visits FAOM, MNCYA to give update on progress of livelihood projects

Release time:2022/05/31
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A group photo of MUR representatives and FAOM leadership team.


MUR team members give a presentation on Iao Hon Estate’s redevelopment project at FAOM.


MUR representatives talk about Iao Hon Estate’s redevelopment project with MNCYA.

Macau Urban Renewal Limited (MUR) visited the Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) and Macau New Chinese Youth Association (MNCYA) to give a presentation on the redevelopment plan of Iao Hon Estate and the development of the Macau New Neighbourhood (MNN) project in Hengqin.


MUR team members explained the redevelopment plan for Iao Hon Estate in detail, which adopts the concepts of stock optimisation, vertical city and walkable neighbourhood, without increasing the density of people living in the area and the number of residential units in the area. Based on the plan, the low-rise buildings would be assembled into high-rise buildings that will have three levels of underground car park, a podium and residential towers, with the addition of amenities as well as commercial space. Moreover, the size of the rebuilt residential units would be similar to that of the existing units. There would be two 16-metre wide intersecting pedestrian streets and footbridges to connect the whole neighbourhood together and nearby pedestrian networks, providing walking access to nearby cross-border checkpoints, enhancing the neighbourhood’s geographical advantage.


During the meeting, the construction progress of the MNN livelihood project in Hengqin was also talked about. The project’s basement will soon be completed, and the construction of the area’s amenities such as educational facilities, health station, seniors’ service centre and family service centre are well underway, and will all be built along with the residential towers in mid-2023, with Macau public services extended to Hengqin.


The meeting’s attendees included: FAOM President Lee Chong Cheng, Consultant Leong Iok Wa, Vice-President Chio Lan Ieng and Secretary Chang Man I; MNCYA Vice-President Ryan Lao Cho Chon, Convener of Urban Planning Concern Group Cherry Chan Chio I, Deputy Convener of Urban Planning Concern Group Si Kun Hong, Convener of International Affairs Concern Group Leong Chon Kit, Convener of Housing Affairs Choi Chi Seng, Convener of Social Services Concern Group Chan Ka In and Social Participation Officer Man Leong Chi.

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