New pile foundation works for temporary and home-swap housing units on Lot P begin

Release time:2022/01/24
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Construction of new piling works is now in full swing.

Workers install reinforcement cages for bored pile.

 Workers pour concrete into bored pile.

Workers pour concrete into bored pile.

Construction of temporary housing units and home-swap housing units on Lot P in Areia Preta began mid last year, where abandoned pile caps have been removed and existing piles have been tested. Works for the new pile foundation are underway, with the project progressing according to plan.


Lot P comprises three lots of land and public roads. Lot A will have six residential towers, providing about 2,000 home-swap housing units, Lot B and Lot C will have eight residential towers, providing about 2,800 temporary housing units for urban renewal purposes. The structure is of podium-style building, which will feature a green deck, retail space, public transport interchange, two new public roads of 24 metres wide each including carriageways and pedestrian walkways, fire lanes, complemented with pedestrian streets and a footbridge to connect to nearby communities and to effectively improve mobility in the area. Construction of the project is planned for completion in 2024, and upon completion, it will provide about 2,900 car parking spaces and over 1,000 motorcycle parking spaces.


Macau Urban Renewal Limited’s (MUR) official website is regularly updated so that the general public can get access to the projects’ status at any time. The information is also released through different media platforms, in accordance with the company’s policy of maintaining a high level of transparency.

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