Temporary housing project set for completion this year

Release time:2024/07/09
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The temporary housing project located on Lot P is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

To provide temporary accommodation for property owners affected by urban renewal project where their properties are being redeveloped, the temporary housing project located on Lot P in Areia Preta saw the topping out of the main structures of the eight residential towers in December 2023. After the topping out, fitting-out works began and scaffolding removal work on the external walls is currently underway. The project is expected to be completed by the end of this year.


2 public roads to ease traffic in the area

Under the layout plan, Lot P will have eight residential towers consisting of about 2,000 temporary housing units and a sufficient number of parking spaces for cars and motorcycles. Two 24-metre-wide public roads, each consisting of a dual four-lane road and pavements, would be built there to help ease traffic flow in the area. In addition, there will be a bus interchange on the ground floor, open green space and a pedestrian street to connect nearby neighbourhoods to create a liveable and convenient environment.


The public who are interested in learning more about the temporary housing units can make an appointment via MUR’s website to visit the temporary housing show flats located on the 3rd floor of Mong Ha Social Housing – Edifício Mong Tak.

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